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Changing the data retention date for the performance database

We would like to store data in the PDB database for longer than 15 days.

I see the below in the performance portal user guide.

"Data in the database is saved by default for 15 days.
Data can be retained for a longer period of time by changing a parameter."

Which parameter needs to be specified? I haven't ran this by my database admin so let me know if this is a SQL question.

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Jan 26 2009, 10:50 AM

Be very careful while you are running the registry editor.

You can easily render your machine unable to boot if you play with settings you aren't familiar with!

You may want to immediately back up your Registry before doing any editing. For Instructions on how to Backup the Registry, please point your browser to:

By default, the "RetainDetailDays" parameter is set to 15 days upon software installation.

The Data Retention Period parameter can be changed in the NTSMF Performance Data Base (NTSMFPDB) by modifying a Registry Parameter.

Using the Registry Editor (Regedit) navigate to the following key:

Edit the "RetainDetailDays" parameters and change the value of 15 days to the desire number of days you want to retain.

After making this change, you can invoke the Performance Sentry Portal and proceed to load data and retain it for longer than 15 days.

This is a "global" change that affect the retention of data for all the machines and all the groups of machines in the data base.

The Performance Sentry Portal Data Base (NTSMFPDB) contains two tables "MachineGroups" and "Machines" that contain a "RetainDetailDays" column that customer can modify.

Customers can change the value of the "RetainDetailDays" column in the "MachineGroups" table and all the machines in that group will be affected.

Or, customers can change the value of the "RetainDetailDays" column in the "Machines" table and modified the data retention value on a single machine.

Both tables override the Registry Value.
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