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Current Release of Performance Sentry

The current release of Performance Sentry is 3.0.1

Changes to the Performance Sentry Collector
A. 3.0.1 Fixes
1. NTDS Objects Missing on x64. The cause is unknown but this releaseseems to have fixed it.
2. System/Processor Queue Length much larger with Performance Sentry installed. The counter was artificially high due to Performance Sentry dispatching numerous threads of work then collecting the value. Logic was
changed to collect the counter value before dispatching threads to collect the rest of the performance data. See the Word document titled "Performance SeNTry Collector Release Notes - version 3.0.doc" for detailed information.
3. Some Instance Names Are Written As "<". This occurs when empty instance names are returned to the collection agent. The instance name should read "<name missing>" but only the first character is printed because of a programming error. The collection agent was changed to to produce the entire string.
4. "Error Processing Perflib..." Warning Message. No Data. The collection agent incorrectly processes the loading of a performance dll that uses a certain sequence of instructions. No performance data is collected for that Performance Library and the following event message is emitted.
5. ARMTech performance counters cause collection agent to hang on startup. This problem surfaced due to the "Error Processing Perflib..." Warning Message. No Data problem except the collection agent hangs instead of writing an event message and skipping collection of the associated performance counters.
6. Some DTS.CPU Fields are off by 100 times. The following fields were written with values that were 100 times too small. They were changed so that the values are multiplied by 100.
7.Win32 Exception in aspnet_perf.dll on x64. The exception was caused when the open function failed. The open function failure caused a programming error at the end of the cycle causing the Win32 Exception in the next cycle.

B. 3.0.1 Enhancements
1. Collector suspends when critical objects are unavailable. Prior versions of
the collector would suspend if certain, critical objects could not be collected
at cycle start. The collector needs to collect all objects at cycle start to write schema records and the value of a data set without critical objects is seriously diminished. The critical objects are Cache, System, Process, Memory, Thread, and Processor. The collector was changed to wait indefinitely for critical objects at cycle start.
2. "DTS.Performance SeNTry.Performance Library" data records moved to first interval. The "DTS.Performance SeNTry.Performance Library" data records were moved from the last interval to the first so they would be available in case the collection agent stopped writing data. Note that the "DTS.Performance SeNTry.Performance Library" data records are only written in the first interval of the cycle.
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Jul 25 2008, 11:16 AM
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